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(see web-links of local crime statistic and monitoring below)
LAPD Webpage

View the crime monitoring map provided by LAPD (click pic)

LAFD Webpage

View LAFD incident reports. Crime also comes in forms of arsen. (click pic)

LASD Webpage

View LASD crime reports by Los Angeles County LaTimes.


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Home Security

Your home is your most precious asset. When intruders access your home they may take valuables and or money, but most importantly they take your peace of mind. Protect your home and livelihood with the best of security video alarm systems and monitoring services. Ask us how we can help you keep the peace of mind and safety you most cherish.

Commercial Security

We offer a variety of different surveillance systems for our business customers. Commercial business burglaries have never been higher. With google earth maps burglars have had a real advantage in planning and executing robberies. Also, internal employee theft is  a key priority for larger employers. With CCTV security you now have eyes on your business and security protection.

CCTV Smart Home

(Close Circuit Television) With a growing worry of hackers and non solicited access to networks CCTV has become the best choice. Because of its peer to peer closed channel wiring businesses and homeowners are switching to this secure environment. Let us demonstrate the quality of CCTV and services we can provide to enhance your user experience

Our Clients: We thank all of our clients for their business, below are a few we've had the honor to serve.
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