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Monitor Your Home From Anywhere

Home Alarm Systems

Rest assure in knowing that home alarm will protect you and your family from intruders. Studies show that 1 of 5 homes will be broken into this year. Our alarm installations can be stand alone or include a 24hr monitoring system. According to consumer reports most families that install alarms sleep better than those without. Most Homeowners that install wireless alarm systems monitor their homes while at work through a smart phone or device which also includes keeping tabs on their kids. Because of innovated technologies the cost of having an alarm system installed and monitored is no more than a coffee a day. Let DVR Solutions give you a free estimate today

Video & Alarm Monitoring

CCTV (Close Circuit Television) is a secure way of monitoring your home. Because it’s not a Wi-Fi connection you would not worry about hackers or loss of connection. Although Wi-Fi connections use low security encryption its proven that a breech may occur. CCTV uses a dedicated cable connection which is equal to a phone landline therefore breech is unlikely. With our integrated alarm monitoring anytime your signal is compromised the 24hr monitor center will contact you via phone to confirm entry. If you have not triggered the alarm then police dispatch is sent to your home. In addition to monitoring wouldn’t it be great to know who’s at your front door by viewing them through a panel display. This is a great way to protect your family and home from intruders.

Securing Your Home Pays

According to a study made by the Automobile Club Southern California (AAA) about 2.1 million burglaries take place annually, with more than 65% being home break-ins. The average claim of fire or theft per national average consist of $34,000 in losses. This is why most home insurance policies give owners a discounted rate adding up to 20% off their premiums. In addition most homes are sold at a greater value when a monitoring system is in place. As you can see it pays to have an alarm or surveillance system installed. Let us show you a multi-plan approach to saving money while improving your security

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