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Protect Your Business 24/7

Complete Business Installations

We offer the complete end to end solution for all business types.​ Whether you have a corporate building or a storefront business we can install the perfect level of surveillance or alarm equipment. We offer a variety of camera and alarm systems starting from budget to high caliber equipment.


With every service installation we offer continuous support in troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, and networking of systems. Many of our clients also choose us for multi-business expansions. There's a reason why our clients continue to contract with us, and that's because we treat our customers like family.  

Wiring Infrastructure

With the constantly changing of dynamic applications and the potential for security breaches within an organization, visibility and break entry of a companies monitoring system is critical to the safety of the employees and exposure of vulnerabilities of a company.


DVR Solutions builds intelligence into the CCTV design by:

  • Providing a secured connectivity to camera endpoints that service internal and external property structures including the safety of employees, customers, and archives.

  • Ensuring out of office alarm systems are actively connected to a 24hr monitoring service.

  • Available for repairs 24hrs a day if your systems are malfunctioning or video surveillance is down.


We offer a pre-wire service for all businesses that are in the construction phases. The pre-wire is unique to a business design layout which in most cases allows for a seamless integration of surveillance equipment. If you are building or adding improvements and need pre-wire cabling we are your best source.

Commercial Grade Systems

Is your business in need of exterior surveillance but you are unsure of the type you need? Leave it to DVR Solutions to install the adequate level of equipment. Our commercial grade equipment is designed to withstand all types of environments and provide and exceptional resolution against glare, traffic lights, and sunset coloration.

Our installed equipment come with a 2yr manufacturer warranty and in addition 1yr installation warranty. We ensure that all systems installed are weathered for all types of locations. Give us a call and we can provide you with the absolute solution to exterior surveillance.

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